The main exciting feature of Iomad is multi-tenancy: the ability to serve a single course to many ‘institutions’, ‘companies’ or hierarchies which are set up within the system.  Courses in Iomad can be open shared (every company can see it), closed shared (you choose which companies see which courses) and dedicated (for a single company only).  Administrators can set up and devolve management throughout the site, removing the need for multiple installations of Moodle.

Iomad/Moodle Relationship

Iomad is Moodle under the hood, with additional development by way of modular plugins, some core changes and a host of additional features.  New versions of Iomad are released within 3 months of any new Moodle version and the E-Learn Design team remain as committed to Iomad as we are to Moodle itself.  In other words, Iomad isn’t going anywhere: it is here to stay.

Reporting & Licensing

Iomad offers a range of customised reporting both across the system and hierarchically devolved to managers (determined by the Administrator).  Hand in glove with this is Iomad’s licensing feature which allows for a mass scale ‘sale’ of your courses.


Not content with the standard PayPal plugin and requiring a more sophisticated way to sell your courses within a Moodle based system?  Iomad offers an ecommerce solution ties directly to licensing, can stand alone for sales or be developed to work in tandem with your website sales system.