Customised Development

Moodle is a solid and powerful product for your e-learning needs.  It is supported by a vibrant world wide community and the Certified Moodle Partners network around the world.

Iomad has been developed to sit on top of Moodle by E-Learn Design, a Certified Moodle Partner based in Glasgow.  Like Moodle, Iomad is a  also a solid and powerful product. Even so, some clients will undoubtedly find that there are further features they would like to see added or have built for them.

E-Learn Design has a team of experienced Moodle developers who work closely with clients to produce specifications of features they require for Moodle or Iomad. Projects can vary from a few days of custom development (to tweak a current activity or to add a custom block which will perform a particular function) to months of managed work and large scale additions.

If you want to use Iomad (or Moodle alone), but have ideas for an enhancement that you require,  get in touch with us today and we will work with you to make it so!