Demo Site

We’ve created a free demonstration site for anyone who wants to have a play with Iomad, but doesn’t quite feel brave enough to attempt the install yet. If you’d like to have a go, we suggest downloading the Iomad 3.2 installation document first and then visiting the official Iomad Demo site┬áhere


The Demo website refreshes itself at the following times (GMT):
6am 8:30am 11am 12:30pm 2pm 3:30pm 5pm 6:30pm 8pm 10:30pm Midnight 1:30am 3am 4:30am

Any companies, users, courses hierarchies you create will be deleted at these times. Remember that Iomad uses a system of hierarchal roles so please explore all of the default roles we’ve set for you! The login information for each role can be found on the Demo site.