More good bits

Remember, Iomad is still Moodle under the hood, so you can create courses and use the rich feature set of Moodle and its plugins with your Iomad system.  This includes course completion, conditional activities, CBE and learning plans, custom grading scales, the powerful quiz engine, Boost 4 and mobile technologies, and everything in between.

Iomad itself, however, also has the following further features:

  • Dashboard interface to provide ready access to essential aspects of both Moodle and Iomad.
  • A simplified course creation screen assigns new courses to the appropriate company.
  • A simplified user creation screen allows users to be created singly or uploaded from a spreadsheet whilst allocating to a predetermined company.
  • New Face to face (training) event activity can be set up for companies to allow for users to book places at training events or managers to book places by proxy to these events. There is also an additional flexible approval approach to allow access to the training event.
  • In built certificate module (based off of the Moodle Certificate module) which ties into the Iomad reports to allow managers to access certificates for users
  • Improved course listings for users which details courses they haven’t yet started, courses in progress and courses which are completed with a link to any certificate achieved. After a definable period of time, completed courses are moved to an “archive” course listing.
  • User course completion archiving. Iomad will archive all user course completions to a separate location, recording course grades and any certificates achieved. This will allow for users to repeat course, such as for compliance, without losing any previous results.
  • Automatic company allocation on self signup. Using a new plugin, self sign up users are automatically added into the appropriate company as long as they meet the right criteria. If not, they can be put into a default company where they can be dealt by a site administrator.

If you need any additional features which are not listed here, E-Learn Design is happy to quote for custom developments that enhance Iomad features for you.  Please get in touch with your specification and our development team will work with you.