Iomad allows for the ability to create Companies which sit on top of Moodle, providing a space where users and courses can be assigned. These companies are kept separate on the Moodle site which means that the users from one company won’t see the users from another.

  • Devolved administration – Designated users for each company can manage all of their own user administration tasks such as creating and managing users, assigning courses or licenses and running reports. A company hierarchy can be defined which allows managers to only see the users they are managing.
  • Sharing of courses – As well as having courses which are only assigned to one company, courses can be shared between selected companies or can be shared across all companies (whilst still retaining their own branding and autonomy for users).
  • Individual branding – Each company can be assigned their own unique theme or the new Iomad themes can be used to quickly create a branded look and feel for each company incorporating a logo and custom CSS per company.
  • Per company capabilities – As well as defining site wide capabilities for the new Iomad manager roles, these can be further fine tuned on a company basis.

If you need any additional features which are not listed here, E-Learn Design is happy to quote for custom developments that enhance Iomad features for you.  Please get in touch with your specification and our development team will work with you.