Integral to Iomad is the fact that it recognises the multi-tenancy and hierarchical divisions set in the site. The Iomad specific reports provide information appropriately to the manager running them. In other words, company managers can control and obtain detailed reporting from users only in their own company.

  • Course completion report

    Lists all of the manager’s users on a course by course level, providing an overall and detailed listing for each course, or all course, with links to download user’s certificates where applicable

  • User completion report

    Lists all of the manager’s users and can provide details on all of the courses a user has undertaken with links to download certificates where appropriate.

  • License overview report

    Lists all of the manager’s users license allocations, when, or if they were used and for which course

  • Face to face training event attendance report

    Provides a list of users who are going to each of the companies face to face training events.

  • SCORM overview report

    Provides question analysis details for SCORM packages used within courses which can be used to see if one question is overly difficult.

  • Company overview report

    Provides an overview of every company to the site administrator detailing numbers of users, managers and courses.

If you have any other reporting needs not listed here, E-Learn Design is happy to quote for custom developments that enhance Iomad reports for you.  Please get in touch with your specification and our development team will work with you.