OS Download

Iomad is an Open Source product.  E-Learn Design Ltd have made Iomad freely available as a download from GitHub. You can access that here

Iomad is a full Moodle + Iomad download with a few notable changes to core Moodle. Because there are a few small changes to core, please be aware that standard Moodle upgrades and patches will be affected by this. If you are an experienced Moodle developer or Administrator then it is likely you can handle this on your own by reviewing the code, but if you require assistance, be sure to choose the one that best suits you from our ‘stuff you gotta pay for’ menu.

We’ve made an installation PDF to get you started with Iomad. We hope it helps! If you have further suggestions for help documents, please pay it forward by submitting them to email docs@iomad.org