Who is IOMAD for?

Obviously Iomad is for anyone who wants multi tenancy and who may or may not have a need to sell courses. But we developed Iomad for reason: our current clients asked for it repeatedly. Here’s a short list of those currently benefiting from Iomad:

  • Anyone with one or more Moodle site
  • Anyone who is using course categories to separate out their own clients because separate Moodle installations is too much of a headache.
  • Training companies who serve several different clients, but often provide the same course with new branding – they LOVE Iomad.
  • Small companies: we’ve made sure that our Stuff you Gotta Pay For services support small companies and make hosting and support of this product affordable for small companies.
  • Large companies: Moodle has already proven its scalability:-) ┬áNuff said.